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Ajarn Weng
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29 March 2007

Dear Student,

I am already back to Singapore - a clean,  green & safe country.

In the last two Semesters, I was working in an adverse environment where average violence rate has been increased from 146 cases to 164 cases per month during Y2000-2007 according to a PSU report.  2000+ deaths and 3000+ wounded had been reported.

Please consult:

Prospective student are advised to check the quality of program before they make a trip.  Other things to check are professionalism, leadership style, integrity of management, actual langauge of instruction in classroom, actual organisation, level of moral in  a monastery, type of role model, corporate culture, management capacity, office efficiency, office polity,  employee quality, worker attitude,  financial strength & transparency,  years of academic history, course contents, proficiency in Chinese Tripitaka, frequency of lectures (normal or intensive),  student-teacher ratio, physical location, amenity, accomodation, meals, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, human right rating, war risk factor etc. 

Existing students are advised to ask if the program has met your expectation. Please make wise use of your youth and energy. All conditioned things are impermanent.

Buddhism is a choice of religion and/or philosophy -  a finger pointing to the moon. Be open to new idea  , down to earth action  (four social harmony ) and self-renewal  are more important than any label.

May you success in your future endevour.

With Lovingkindness,

Mr Weng