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Hall of Fame

Excellence Student in 2006 Semester One
Economic in Tripitaka
Rev. Chatchai,Deepi, Dewan, Deepan,  Leang,Sinchai,Sonam ,Savat
Hua Yen School
Rev. Bodhi, Chokchai, Chawraw, Damrong, Deepan, Ratnam, Sophea, Sonam, Sinchai, Vijak
Vinaya School
Rev. Bodhi, Bisit,  Chokchai, Chawraw, Chatchai, Damrong, Leang, Sonam, U Tin, Vijak
Best Team in 2006 Semester 1
Rev. Chatchai, Sinchai, Sumetto
Perfect Attendance in 2006 Semester 1
Rev. Chatchai, Chawraw, Sinchai, Ratna

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