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Teaching Point


. - Please forget your exam result.
  - Follow your passion (do what you love in life).
  - Why?
    All condition things are impermanent
    (In Pali Langauge: Sabbe sankhara annica)
    Treasure your youths.
  - Today, am I better than yesterday ? (compare to yourself only).
.Q. When is the exam?
A. Check with the office.

Q. How many Question in the final paper?
A. There will be 7 questions. You must answer any 3 only.

Q. What about the score?
A. 10% for each answer and 30% in total for the final paper.

Q. What are the exam question?
A. Please refer to the Course Outline 6.3, go to
all EQ under Chapter 5, 9 , 11 to 15.

Q. How to answer?
A. For model anwser, go to Course Outline 6.2 and click the site address as

Q. How to earn a better grade?
A. Cut and copy from your text book:
pp110-116, pp227-228, p284,  pp295-296, pp323-324, pp388-389,  pp 408-410 (p
for page numbers)

Q. How to earn an A grade?
A. Give your personal opinion beside model answer.

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